Understanding and Respecting To Yourself, A Self-Love Campaign

Have you ever felt insecure about your appearance, abilities, or whatever in you? that is alright… because you’re not alone. The fact that mental health is important is undoubtful as it can happen to anyone without exception.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more teenagers are experiencing insecurities, therefore it was prompting Twinkling Stars to initiate a campaign. A campaign that becomes a place for all of us to be able to appreciate ourselves, and know how to appreciate the struggles of our lives so far.

I am My Own Star – by Twinkling Stars

Link: https://twb.nz/twibboniammyownstar

The peak of the campaign is not yet happening, but this Twibbonize frame of Self-love Campaign: I am My Own Star has been used by more than 4 hundred people. Anyone can join this campaign as it is open to the public.

Behind this effort in dealing with mental health problems, it turns out that there is one good thing that Twibbonize received, that this campaign’s frame above has helped the participants to make them easier to use and share their voices about mental health issues.

The Head of the Events Division, Kirana said that “usually the frames are shared via Google Drive link and it’s quite difficult for the participants, also the resolution can decrease. However, with Twibbonize, the quality of the frame is maintained”.

Event Division staff, Desfara also said that “with Twibbonize, it also makes it easier for participants to use and upload this campaign frame”.

This campaign directs the participants to self-appreciation. Held this campaign in early 2022, Twinkling Stars take the advantage of new year’s momentum by inviting the participants to appreciate the 2021 version of themselves.

In a series of campaign activities, there were days where Twinkling Stars share basic material about what self-love is about and how to do it.

On January 13, 2022, the participants will upload the best version of their photos and share the stories of their achievements as well. In addition, the participants will also make videos through Instagram stories to share what they are proud of about themselves and their hopes for their future. During the campaign, all participants were monitored in participating in the series of activities.

The peak of this campaign activity will be held on January 15, 2022. A webinar discusses thoroughly how to overcome insecurities and how to self-love with Elisa Kristen, M. Psi., Psychologist. It is not just free, the webinar participants will also get an E-certificate. In addition, there will also be a giveaway from one of the well-known beauty product brands, such as Inez Cosmetics in collaboration with Twinkling Stars for this campaign.

The opportunity besides becoming a campaign participant, you can also be a volunteer. So, the benefits of this campaign are not just mental health knowledge that you can get, but you can also get a broader relationship, as well as experience, being a volunteer for a social campaign.

In a conversation between Twibbonize with Twinkling Stars, Kirana conveyed her message to all of us.

“For you who are in struggling with your life, when you have a trust issue towards other people and don’t confidence in yourself, or maybe it happens to your friends, go on to try to self-love. If you are afraid to talk to other people, try doing it yourself,” said Kirana.

However, if you are not used to doing self-love, Kirana also suggests to go to a psychologist.

“It’s not wrong to go to a psychologist, it’s not weird, and it’s not scary, but it’s a way out for you to know the problems you are facing, and you can overcome them. So don’t be afraid to go to a psychologist,” said Kirana.

Number of participant targeted by Twinkling Stars for this campaign has been achieved. For that, Kirana hopes that this campaign can increase the literacy of mental health, especially for the ordinaries so that they can have a better understanding and they can be better at controlling their mental health.

“Mental health is important, whatever we do, whatever underlies our work or activities, in essence, we must have a good and right mentality. Mental health is when we can be productive doing various activities that are beneficial for everyone,” said Kirana.

Desfara also added that the hope of Twinkling Star is not only for the participants but also for the public in general, through posts shared by the campaign volunteers as education about self-love.

“Most of us feel that we have self-love, but we often don’t know how is it the good and right way of self-love, and how to appreciate ourselves. Not only do we need validation from others, but we need an appreciation from ourselves,” said Desfara.

Through Twibbonize, Desfara also gave a message that reminds us all about self-esteem.

“Always increase your self-esteem, because it’s important for doing whatever you want to achieve. If we already have good self-esteem, have good self-worth, then the way ahead will be good, Insha Allah, and it will be done according to what we wish,” said Desfara.

As an organization that focuses on mental health issues, Twinkling Stars continues to hold various activities that become a space where you can tell your feelings, problems, through social media, webinars, and others about your mental health development. Previously, Twinkling Stars had held a leadership campaign concerning mental health. The enthusiasm from Indonesian teenagers also brought Twinkling Stars to this Self-love Campaign: I am My Own Star.