Take A Step to “Invest In Our Planet” Now with Twibbonize

It’s time to take a look at our environment. Our place to live needs your attention. The modern environmental movement has been designated since 1970 to be observed every year as Earth Day on April 22. Quoted fro earthday.org, this day comes to provide a voice to this emerging environmental consciousness, and putting environmental concerns on the front page. In 2022, the official theme of Earth Day is ”Invest In Our Planet”.

Quoted from Wikipedia, the Earth Day 2022 features five primary programs, such as the Great Global Cleanup, Sustainable Fashion, Climate and Environmental Literacy, Canopy Project, Food and Environment, and the Global Earth Challenge.

We know that billion of people in the world are recognized and marked this day as the largest secular observance, however, what we actually want is the true action. Human’s behavior and the policies that affect our environment need changes immediately due to this urgency situation.

To fight for a better place to live, Twibbonize is here to support the observance of Earth Day. A lot of Twibbonize frames are waiting for you to support by voicing out the urgency to build the awareness as earthday.org said that the ravages of climate change become more and more apparent every day.

Earth Day 2022 – Youth: Invest In Our Planet

by Gem Lacuin

Link: twb.nz/depedkabataan-earthday2022

Earth Day

by S

Link: twb.nz/dayearth

PGMNHS YES-O Earth Day Campaign 2022

by zipporah

Link: twb.nz/pgmnhsyesoearthday2022


by abul ala

Link: twb.nz/b2w-earthday2022


by Jeron Tanglaw

Link: twb.nz/gogreenbaleleihs

World Earth Day

by Progresif Psikologi

Link: twb.nz/twibbonharibumi2022

TMCSHS Earth Day 2022

by Clarisse Hill

Link: twb.nz/tmcshsearthday2022

Earth Day

by Alesandra

Link: twb.nz/earthdayxpbs2


by Ahrby Estarez

Link: twb.nz/eplhsearthday2022yeso

Let The Earth Breathe

by Young Einsteins’ Society

Link: twb.nz/g12-s6-let-the-earth-breathe

“Digital and social media are bringing these conversations, protests, strikes and mobilizations to a global audience, uniting a concerned citizenry as never before and catalyzing generations to join together to take on the greatest challenge that humankind has faced” quoted from earthday.org and we hope Twibbonize take part in this step. Wherever you are, you can now contribute in achieving a better world with us, by using the frame of Earth Day and share the information, the tools, and the message to protect our environment via social media to your friends and family. So that we all together facing this emerging environmental consciousness.