10 Twibbonize of The Observance of the Filipino Values Month

According to the Department of the Education Memorandum Republic of the Philippines on October 31, 2017, November is designated as a values month in the Philippines, where Filipinos celebrate their values every day throughout the year to keep themselves together as one people of one blood. Thousands of Filipinos have now celebrated it through the hilarious and cool Twibbonize as follow:

Agoncillo District Filipino Values Month Celebration

by Maam Rhea

Link: https://twb.nz/agoncillodistrict

There is Filipino Values Month Celebration in Agoncillo District, Philippines, therefore the creator invites you to come and join the celebration through this Twibbonize. “Halina at makiisa sa pagdiriwang ng Filipino Values Month Celebration” written on the description of this Twibbonize, and there are already more than 1500 Filipinos has supported this campaign on Twibbonize.

Filipino Values Month 2021

by Jaeson Jinn Oandasan

Link: https://twb.nz/filipinovaluesmonth2021

The COVID-19 pandemic remains a challenge for countries around the world. In celebrating Filipino Values Month, according to the quote “Pagpapaunlad ng Pagkatao, Pakikipagkapuwa at Pananampalataya: Hamon sa Panahon ng Pandemyo”, pandemic is still a concern to be alerted. However, more than 2 thousand Filipinos have commemorated Values Month 2021 through this Twibbonize.

Values Month Celebration

by Mae Espedellion

Link: https://twb.nz/esppiedaddistrict

Another district in the Philippines celebrates Filipino Values Month through Twibbonize. Here comes from Piedad District. The green color of the circle photo frame and the elements of flower and love symbol looks beautiful for any of your photos to be shared on social media to commemorate Values Month 2021 and join with more than 800 supporters.

Filipino Values Month 2021

by Denise Ramirez

Link: https://twb.nz/filipinovaluesmonthligayarshsiii

By using this Twibbonize, the gold color will give an elegant impression to your photo in celebrating Filipino Values Month 2021. Anyone can be very easily join the Filipino Values Month 2021 with almost 3 hundreds supporters through this Twibbonize.


by Marianne May

Link: https://twb.nz/valuesmonth2021heights

Looks more simple with the gradient gold color outside of the photo frame, but this is a Twibbonize from an education institution in the Philippines that put some meaningful elements inside the photo frame. There are already more than 200 people celebrating Filipino Values Month 2021 with this Twibbonize.

Filipino Values Month

by Jerome Vergara

Link: https://twb.nz/filipino-valuesmonth

Another gorgeous Twibbonize with beautiful gradient color is here. Let’s join with more than 200 supporters to commemorate Filipino Values Month 2021 to preserve the unity of our Philippines through this Twibbonize.

Filipino Values Month

by Julius Torculas

Link: https://twb.nz/espndep

In this cute design, a quote “Pagpapaunlad ng Pagkatao, Pakikipagkapuwa at Pananampalataya, Hamon sa Panahon ng Pandemya” which means “Personality Development, Fellowship and Faith, Challenges in a Time of Pandemic” is also used to describe this Filipino Values Month 2021 Twibbonize.


by Kath Metoda

Link: https://twb.nz/gascocentina

Any color of choice could be suitable to celebrate Filipino Values Month 2021 on your social media, including this purple frame of Twibbonize.

Filipino Values Month Lumbangan National High School

by Fae Loran Dela Cruz

Link: https://twb.nz/filipinovaluesmonthframe

“Pagpapaunlad ng Pagkatao, Pakikipagkapuwa at Pananampalataya, Hamon sa Panahon ng Pandemya” which translated as “Personality Development, Fellowship and Faith, Challenges in a Time of Pandemic” is again reminded of this Twibbonize photo frame to celebrate the Filipino Values Month in the middle of the pandemic situation.

Filipino Values Month 2021

by Julius Torculas

Link: https://twb.nz/ndepesp

Same, with this cute Twibbonize description, “Pagpapaunlad ng Pagkatao, Pakikipagkapuwa, at Pananampalataya Hamon sa Panahon ng Pandemya” is need to be remembered by Filipinos in celebrating Filipino Values Month 2021.

The values of Filipinos are rooted in their historical and cultural heritage and are manifested in the things they respect. These values become the identity of the Filipino people, including Bayanihan (Volunteerism), Damayan (Helping one another), Pagkamatapat (Loyalty), Hiya (Loss of face and prestige), Utang na loob (Debt of gratitude), Sariling sikap (Self-reliance), Pakikisama (Comradeship), Matulungin (Helpful), Bukas ang Palad (Philanthropic), respect for elders by the use of Po and Opo when addressing them. These values are the guidelines for the Filipino people to live and face all life changes.

Declaration of the Filipino Values Month is through presidential proclamation No. 479 dated October 24, 1994, in consonance with the moral recovery program, the proclamation hopes to mobilize all Filipinos for nation-building through the practical exercise as human values in daily lives as citizens and to awaken all to the power of these values and ideals in achieving the individual nation goals. Many other Twibbonize that are no less funny and cool than the above to support this year’s Philippines Values Month.