Twibbonize is Now Available in 45 Languages

Global digital campaign platform, Twibbonize is now available in 45 languages.

Over the years, Twibbonize has been a place for a lot of campaigns to go big and connect with communities worldwide with only two languages, such as English and Indonesian. As a house for every campaign, we see that Twibbonize reaches a broader range of users and campaign creators from any country. Twibbonize can be accessed anywhere around the world, but it is not available in all languages where Twibbonize is accessed, and we are a little uncomfortable with that language barrier.

However, Twibbonize wants to help the campaigns closer and easier to reach the global community. After finding out what languages our users and campaign creators need, we planned and executed 43 more language launches over the past months. The localization of Twibbonize is as huge as it is exciting. It is more than just a language, and we are adapted to meet your needs and keep the languages working smoothly.

But now, what we imagined all along, if only we could pamper you by being present in your language, is finally happening. Today, Twibbonize is available in 45 languages, such as:
1. English (United States)
2. Afrikaans
3. Albanian
4. Arabic
5. Bahasa Indonesia
6. Bengali
7. Bulgarian
8. Burmese
9. Chinese Simplified
10. Chinese Traditional
11. Croatian
12. Czech
13. Danish
14. Dutch
15. English (Australia)
16. English (United Kingdom)
17. Filipino
18. Finnish
19. French
20. German
21. Greek
22. Hebrew
23. Hindi
24. Hungarian
25. Italian
26. Japanese
27. Khmer (Cambodia)
28. Korean
29. Lao
30. Malay
31. Norwegian
32. Persian
33. Polish
34. Portuguese
35. Romanian
36. Russian
37. Serbian
38. Slovak
39. Spanish
40. Swahili
41. Swedish
42. Thai
43. Turkish
44. Ukrainian
45. Vietnamese

Hopefully, by being multilingual, we can help everyone from anywhere, no matter where you are. You can join and support a campaign easier and conveniently with Twibbonize. So, open Twibbonize now on your mobile or desktop and choose your preferred language!

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