Hundreds of Thousands Support To Save Myanmar From Military Junta

The Blood Money Campaign invites the global community to support the movement to freeze the flow of money to the military junta, cut off the junta’s access to international business, and stop funding crimes against humanity through Twibbonize. Until this writing, almost 300,000 people have used the Twibbonize Blood Money Campaign to support a movement that aims to suppress companies that are still doing business with the military junta either directly or indirectly. It means that the hashtags #BloodMoneyMyanmar, #StopPayingToJunta, and #FreezeDollarToJunta are also widely spread on social media.

Junta and Save Myanmar by Blood Money Campaign


Quoted from The Action Network, “with any business done the military and its repressive regime benefits, through taxes, fees, or direct cooperation”. Therefore The Blood Money Campaign wants people to stand in solidarity with the Myanmar people.

Leaders of Myanmar’s neighboring countries, which are members of ASEAN, also reportedly banned the leader of the Military Junta, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, from attending the ASEAN Summit, meanwhile, the Myanmar military coup was one of the main agendas in the summit.

The Blood Money Campaign (BMC) is a campaign initiated and designed by activists and union leaders on the ground in Myanmar who comes from different backgrounds, such as labor and student unions, civic engagement, peace and education activists, as well as people in research, IT, and design. In order to achieve the goal of The Blood Money Campaign, Twibbonize has been helpful to spread it globally so that people who want to support it can do it very easily.

Source: The Action Network